• On a day where we only wished for respect …..
  • we were let down by an away fan majority contingent hell bent upon vitriol & hate
  • a referee that made a catalogue of rudimentary errors, at our expense, that frankly beggar belief
  • an opposition that typically delivered their habitual ref-bullying & underhanded tactics
  • an opposing manager that hid under a thinly-veiled sympathy ploy that ultimately fooled anyone in the know, &
  • a very small (you can count them on one hand) selection of so-called Reds referencing Munich
  • Our lads were, frankly, stupendous …..
  • We more than deserved the win, limiting them to only three chances, one of which was yet another phantom penner
  • Rafa has left us an incomparable (save for perhaps Barça) youth stable
  • Suso, Sterling & Shelvey are the very near future
  • We are Liverpool & today made me even more proud to be a lifelong Red!



God Bless The 96


God Bless Stevie & Jon-Paul Gilhooley


Webb has officially been deposed


a 5 year deal …..  signed on the dotted line