Liverpool Football Club exists not to make money – it exists to win trophies and be a source of pride for it’s supporters.

It serves no other purpose.


Welcome to, Canada’s founding LFC club & web portal & your friendly guiding hand for all Red from the Great Red North to Anfield, Liverpool L4.

We’ve certainly come a long way from relying upon a shortwave radio, carrier pigeons, tardy newspapers & driving for miles to Montréal to find a C-band satellite dish the size of a postal code in order to watch The Mighty Reds.

TV & media coverage in general, despite its seeming omnipresence nowadays, is now, ironically, posing a tricky prospect to source due to its largely disclocated and indiscriminate availability. We hope to assist by trawling the litany of information out there and focusing upon all things Red; pertinent & Red at that.

From our humble beginnings as a club that began pre-internet, we have adjusted to several factors such as Canada’s geographic mass, multiple time zones, an exponential growth in interest, the internet’s viral communications potential & more TV coverage. We were officially approached by the club many years ago & entrusted to forge an official Liverpool FC presence in Canada. We began by aggregating email lists, communicating by email newsletter & then launched

We are very proud to say that our impetus was instrumental in Vancouver, Calgary & Toronto crafting their own respective parochial sites & branches. We have always been about ‘inclusion’ as opposed to ‘exclusivity’… a Red is a Red is a Red. With this, we launched great red north to essentially replace as our main portal of information & communication.

To replace weekly updates via email & combating spam & firewalls alike, this more than humble attempt at providing some interesting press coverage & odd opinion piece is all I have to offer presently. We are an official AIB branch & welcome any & all new members. Please refer to our Membership Page for more information. Please do provide your input & do offer your assistance, should you be able, in providing Canadian Reds and Red visitors a bona fide sense of community & belonging.

We hope that you visit us often & take advantage of our football news summaries in addition to all things Red. You really need not go elsewhere!

Contact us at & please visit us at

YNWA Dara & Keegan

P.S. Don’t forget LFC Canada’s Forum… click here or below… & our new Facebook group!

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