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  • Liverpool FC Away Match Results when Howard ‘Melton’ Webb has refereed …..

    Won – 1
    Drawn – 1
    Lost – 8


Howard Webb Cheat Bastard Waste of Skin Liverpool Arsenal Suarez penalty


ex- South Yorkshire copper reffing LFC?!

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this angers me!

  • Being a publisher & having run several newspapers, I’m more than a bit puzzled … & pissed off
  • I’m puzzled as traditional daily broadsheets are berliners are hemorrhaging … the ad dollars simply are not there to satiate an older demographic plus digital & social options are most often cheaper to reach, engage & retain
  • Add to this the fact that news content is available literally everywhere, only proprietary & original content sells & leverages advertisers
  • The Globe was valued at $1.1 billion in 1993 when it was purchased by the New York Times Co.
  • I’m pissed off as this unmitigated waste of dosh could have been invested in a business that offers exponentially more opportunity to render a return upon investment!


Waste of money Liverpool FC FSG Red Sox owner to buy Boston Globe from New York Times for $70m

thanks for nowt!

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….. put me down, I need a scotch!

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