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Rent Boys


Chav Wars

  • Liverpool FC Away Match Results when Howard ‘Melton’ Webb has refereed …..

    Won – 1
    Drawn – 1
    Lost – 8


Howard Webb Cheat Bastard Waste of Skin Liverpool Arsenal Suarez penalty


ex- South Yorkshire copper reffing LFC?!

Hatem Ben Arfur Liverpool FC


he’d be a revelation methinks

Moneyball Pounds Liverpool FC FSG

football transfers are not a cookie cutter approach


  • Winners usually means an experienced player which, in turn, eliminates a ‘bring ’em in young’ FSG philosophy
  • FSG’s approach is not synonymous with success in European football’s volatile & often extortionate transfer market
  • It’s all about how much you can get from any given player vs. what you pay incrementally in salary & for the transfer expenditure itself
  • FSG slowly coming ’round to there not being a boiler plate, baseball money ball, method that you can apply to top flight football
  • The closest thing to their philosophy is quietly going about your business with common sense …
  • ie. Klopp at Dortmund, assembling a first XI that collectively cost less than And Carroll’s transfer fee alone!

may as well happen!


David Gill ….. yer havin’ a laugh!




no other club could do this!

  • ….. more importantly, does Big Andy fit with Brendan’s proposed style?
  • Andy is not a Tiki Taka player & demands an aerial component that also demands, ideally, two proper wingers
  • I don’t think that Brendan will be dismissing the opportunity to sell & invest the multi-millions very well ….. just sayin’!



may well have to cash in his ale for vino!