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The Elephant Man (DVD)


Chav Pachyderm

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the bollock brothers

  • Liverpool FC Away Match Results when Howard ‘Melton’ Webb has refereed …..

    Won – 1
    Drawn – 1
    Lost – 8


Howard Webb Cheat Bastard Waste of Skin Liverpool Arsenal Suarez penalty


ex- South Yorkshire copper reffing LFC?!

Alex Ferguson autobiography book quote Gerrard


arrogant, drunk waster

Hillsborough Smoking Gun quote Gate C JFT96


bang to rites

Dr. Evil Arsene Wenger Suarez Liverpool FC Freaky Deaky French Perv Boy Dutch Austin Powers

don’t go there, girlfriend!



  • Being a publisher & having run several newspapers, I’m more than a bit puzzled … & pissed off
  • I’m puzzled as traditional daily broadsheets are berliners are hemorrhaging … the ad dollars simply are not there to satiate an older demographic plus digital & social options are most often cheaper to reach, engage & retain
  • Add to this the fact that news content is available literally everywhere, only proprietary & original content sells & leverages advertisers
  • The Globe was valued at $1.1 billion in 1993 when it was purchased by the New York Times Co.
  • I’m pissed off as this unmitigated waste of dosh could have been invested in a business that offers exponentially more opportunity to render a return upon investment!


Waste of money Liverpool FC FSG Red Sox owner to buy Boston Globe from New York Times for $70m

thanks for nowt!

The Manc School of Kung Fu Nani Real Madrid Champions League


only a select few are twattish enough for entry


Manc Kung Fu School The Manc School of Kung Fu Nani Real Madrid Champions League


this tit unequivocally qualifies!

Premier League Fan Arrests League Table


proudly atop their perch!

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