pure as the driven snow


The Elephant Man (DVD)


Chav Pachyderm

Raheem Sterling leaves Howard Webb puzzled


you tell him young un!

Ashley Williams fouls injures Coutinho


the lad’s a shithouse

  • If you go into a tackle with deliberate intent to hurt a player, you’re a prize wanker … FACT!
  • If you rake a kid down his chest and groin and injure his shoulder in the process, you’re an Olympic wanker … FACT!
  • If you put out a player for weeks, you should spend the same time on the sidelines … should be FACT!
  • With this, Ashley Williams is a World Record holding wank-master … FACT!


Ashley Williams Wanker Coutinho suspended cheat dirty ban

can’t wait ’til this clown plays next at Anfield!

Manchester United Referee Squad Team


will Gollum have influence upon this lot?!

Bale Diver Planet of The Apes


you know what you are …..

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