• First off, the palpable team spirit & comradery exuded today made a grown man tear up
  • Secondly, what a superb tribute & birthday celebration? Shankly stands alone as British  footballing deity
  • Nice to see Moses, Sakho & Ilori in the stands … looked like McAteer was lurking next to them too!
  • We are gelling nicely & we defended as a team. This is what BR demands & it is fast-becoming an expectancy & a given
  • What more can you say about Sturridge. On a goals to game ratio … cheap like chips. As a fella … a total diamond!
  • Our goal celebration was a beauty seeing the emotional explosion sends a shiver
  • Swansea away net will not be a picnic but we currently sit pretty after having set a new record of three new season wins on the trot without conceding


Liverpool 1-0 Man Utd. Manchester United Shankly's 100 Birthday


one down , at least two more to go

against the Moyncs