• FSG, now two years into their ownership tenure has confirmed a new plan for a refurbished, 60,000-capacity Anfield
  • Cost?  ….. about £150m.
  • Funded by? ….. the club’s own banking facilities yet is dependent upon Liverpool City Council negotiating the purchase, and demolition, of surrounding area homes


We continue to look at various designs and solutions. We have spoken to professionals about the financing of it, the building of it, the construction of it – all of this had to be done before we even got to this stage today.We wouldn’t have sat in front of everyone here just to say we might be able to find something that works on this piece of land. A lot of advance work has gone on. It is important to manage peoples’ expectations. There have been too many false dawns.

The  next steps are out of our hands. It is not Liverpool that is acquiring the properties, it is the city council and Your Housing Group (a social housing developer). We have passed the ball really. If we get through this next stage then it becomes the role of the planners and whether our planning application will be accepted.

It will not impact on transfers. The whole point of this is it has to improve revenue, not detract from it, and the return has to be fast.

The one of three revenue streams that we don’t compete well at currently is match-day revenue. There is a big difference and over three or four years it is a significant number. Hopefully what we are talking about today is the right solution. It is also, I believe, the one our fans would most want to see. To continue to compete in this world, particularly with Financial Fair Play coming in and having to live within your means, this is something we have to do well at.

We can become competitive again but we have to be smarter about how we go about our business. We came in for a lot of criticism over how much we did or didn’t spend in the transfer market this time but we have to do it sustainably and responsibly. The young players that people are getting excited about are partly there because that is a better way. We have to find the balance. We can still compete but it is going to be harder.”

– Ian Ayre


I’m really pleased. I’ve had some special occasions at Anfield and so have the club. If they are going to spend all that money on Anfield and improve it then fantastic … A lot of history and important things have happened at Anfield and I think it is fantastic Liverpool are staying there.”

– Steven Gerrard



why only 60,000!??!