I couldn’t understand why the sanction was different for a Liverpool player and for John Terry.

It may be when you look at all the detail they thought there were reasons for the difference. I can’t see it.

Talking to many of the black players I got to know when I was chairman of the FA, a lot of them have been in touch and said, ‘you kept saying there would be real progress [but] it doesn’t look like it to us’.

I think they feel a great sense of grievance – and they are entitled to because I don’t think there is zero tolerance. And there isn’t consistency in the sanctions either.

He’s within his rights to appeal. My own view is that it would be more sensible to apologise and accept it’s not a good standard.

I just don’t believe in this day and age that anybody can think that it’s OK, and that you don’t owe an apology, not least to the other player.

What I think is important is for clubs to tell their very highly paid employees what general standards are expected of them on the pitch or in the training ground.

Every club should set those standards and say, ‘here’s a set of standards we expect you to stick to’.

Some clubs have done elements of it, but what hasn’t happened is saying to people, ‘what you’ve done off the field impacts on our brand’, and that should have been said years ago.

Contracts have subsidiary documents of all kinds which get attached all the time, and I don’t see any good reason why a general code of conduct in relation to people who are absolutely in the spotlight all the time should not be part of that.”


-Lord Triesman



Abou Diaby knows the score!