• Dear Lebron, based upon your below earnings, don’t you think that you’d be doing Liverpool FC more of a favour by stumping up cash for new transfers instead of flying out teenage & 20-something millionaires to Vegas to piss their time away with yourself, Kanye West & Jay-Z!?

Lebron Jameset Worth:$120 Million

Source of Wealth: Basketball, Endorsements, Investments

LeBron James’ Salary:

2003-04 Cleveland Cavaliers $4,018,920
2004-05 Cleveland Cavaliers $4,320,360
2005-06 Cleveland Cavaliers $4,621,800
2006-07 Cleveland Cavaliers $5,828,090
2007-08 Cleveland Cavaliers $13,041,250
2008-09 Cleveland Cavaliers $14,410,581
2009-10 Cleveland Cavaliers $15,779,912
2010-11 Miami Heat $14,500,000
2011-12 Miami Heat $16,022,500

Total Career Salary: $92,543,413

(may well be incomplete)

Annual earnings according to Forbes:

May 2010 – May 2011 Earnings: $48 Million
May 2009 – May 2010 Earnings: $43 Million
Current Team: Miami Heat (TBA)


use your noodle son!



We (Lebron, Kanye West & Jay-Z) will take them to places in Vegas 99 per cent of people don’t even know exist. There is Vegas and then there is Vegas.”

– Lebron James