3 Killed After Football Fiasco In Lakes State  

Gurtong Rumbek, 06/05/12

Authorities in Yirol West County of Lakes state confirmed the death of three people last Thursday morning on unclear circumstances after a football match leaving an innocent girl dead.
A clash broke out in Yirol West County last Wednesday night between a football fan and the county commissioner’s bodyguard at a night club while watching football. The two were part of supporters to Manchester United and Arsenal after which they hurled insults at each other while watching a TV screen.
Tensions mounted between the three prompting some elders seated nearby to intervene.
The following day (Thursday morning), two bodyguards allied to the commissioner allegedly attacked a house and killed two people on the spot and one young girl was also reportedly killed during the crossfire.
Peter Kot, the brother to the deceased accused Yirol West County commissioner for having instructed his bodyguards to kill his brother.

The fight between my brother and the commissioner’s bodyguard started last night while they were watching a football match in a night club. The fight resulted into commissioner’s car being destroyed by an angry mob while the bodyguard escaped. On Thursday morning these bodyguards came wearing military uniforms and immediately started shooting at my brother to death – the commissioner instructed them to do this.” Kot said.

However, the commissioner Mr. Makur Kulang Liei has since strongly denied the accusation.
Kulang said that the county’s security agencies had managed to arrest all the suspected killers and are held at Yirol West Baburzat penitentiary facility.  He also promised that investigations will be done in the shortest time possible to address the tension within the county.
The Lakes state Governor Chol Tong Mayay has since sent his Deputy Governor and Security Advisor to investigate the shootings.


Commissioner Makur Kulang Liei