The transfer market has been insane for a while. I think clubs like Manchester City have created that. They can buy all the players. They can put a marker on all the players they want.

It makes it difficult for clubs to be sensible.I don’t think there’s any chance of it calming down, no chance. And as for the financial fair play rules I can’t honestly see how they will work.”

– Whiskey Nose


  • Well, he’s clearly not done his maths as the below exemplifies, plus …
  • … prior to Abramovich … Man Utd. set the bar in terms of huge transfer expenditures
  • Man Utd.’s Starting XI today cost £169 million, whereas ….
  • Man City’s cost £161 million!
  • Shut up moaning!


proof is in the pudding


Demento, earlier today …

just before he ‘coptered off back to The Skip