It’s very hard to begin to explain the emotional beating we have all been through

… here are some thoughts in bullet form, as you all know I’m a lazy sod! …..



  • I couldn’t be happier for Brad Jones … new Dad, penner save & a full debut … Luca is smiling
  • Doni joins the elite club of Joe Cole Red Card débutantes … what a Yogi!?
  • Maxi is a consummate professional & we need to keep him … pure class
  • Immense credit to Andy who has been persistently man-handled all season &, by & large, receives no protection from the officials
  • I can only hope his goal proves a positive psychological boost
  • The Yak made Gielgud look like a rank amateur … Jonesy barely touched him
  • It’s really hard to beat Dagger & Skrtel in the middle
  • Seba played well & needs games … well happy for him
  • How Hanley stayed on the pitch & only received a yellow in the 90th. minute is a mystery!
  • Loved Kenny with the head-nod, willing Big Andy’s header to blaze past Robbo … like it did!
  • Watching Pepe & the bench celebrate Brad’s save was the equivalent to trophy-winning merrymaking!
  • Brad harks back to his ‘Borough days with Yakuba &, subsequently, didn’t feed him
  • At the end of the day, beating any side in our league, away, with 10 men & an essentially reserve side … no complaints other than my stress level
  • Moyes was there scouting & I’m sure he’s left more ill-educated than before the kick-off!
  • Bring on The Bitters, Saturday & Wembley III (2012)