Simply print out this page, cut out the flag above, afix it to an ice lolly pop stick and you have your very own replica Chelsea flag to wave, just like the plastic flags given out on Champions League nights at Stamford Bridge. Then, follow our guide below to manufacture your own Blues atmosphere at home for the Barcelona (thrashing) match!

Here’s how to recreate an authentic Stamford Bridge-style Champions League atmosphere:

1. When you invite people round to watch the game, make sure their interest in football doesn’t extend back before 2003. Preferably, you should be watching the Barcelona match with people who are more interested in your hospitality than actually knowing anything about the football.

2. Under no circumstances should anyone arrive with their own flag to wave. These must be placed on their seat and you must give instructions when to wave them.

3. Tell your guests to wave the flags just prior to kick-off, then fall silent when the match starts. Noise is only permitted if Chelsea score a goal.

4. Invite a Spanish guest round to support Barcelona – this will be vital if you actually want a proper atmosphere. Despite being heavily outnumbered, make sure the Spaniard is far louder than those supposedly there to cheer for Chelsea.

5. Make sure you remain seated for the full 90 minutes, just in case you block the view of any tourists behind you who are attempting to take photos of Frank Lampard taking a corner.

6. Put a Madness track on at full-time and moan about the scheduling of the FA Cup semi-final, despite the fact that you probably wouldn’t beat Barcelona with a whole year’s rest.