Could Jose Mourinho’s Japanese Job Offer Pave The Way For Him Joining Liverpool?

Chelsea Pies

There’s some interesting news involving “The Special One” this afternoon. Hidetoshi Nakata has invited former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho to manage a Japanese side for a special tournament in Nippon this summer.

Nakata is staging a game in Yokohama on June 7 to raise awareness of environmental issues (trees being chopped down, Land Rovers killing puppies, etc, etc). On (re-cycled) paper this is the dullest story of the day. More so than FansFC’s “Cudicini loves Chelsea fans” exclusive.

However, this could have an interesting twist. There’s of course a clause in Jose’s Chelsea settlement agreement that states his next management job can not be in England. If it were, the club who hired Jose would have to pay Chelsea somewhere between £9million and £20million. Eek.

So, could this game / games in Japan be used as a loop-hole to get Jose out of this situation? Would it count as a proper job? I can’t help but feeling he’ll one day end up at Liverpool, and this surely would be the only way the cash strapped Scousers could afford to do it right now.

Okay, it’s probably the conspiracy theorist in me, and Peter Kenyon would surely have covered the possibility of something like this happening, but you can’t help but wonder…